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Accounting & Bookkeeping

14 Mar

Accounting & Bookkeeping

All Financial Accounting starts with accurate record-keeping. Recording this information in an accounting system is critical for the accuracy of presentation, disclosure and decision-making.

Once you find yourself behind in your payments or submissions to SARS it is a frightening reality to deal with for various reasons. One is gripped with a sense of failure both in business and in terms of family life. Will I lose my business? Will my spouse divorce me? What will my staff and friends say? What will happen to my children?

My regular accountant can’t help me nor can I necessarily afford legal costs. Even so where will I find an attorney or accountant who understands advanced tax matters? Where will I find the money to pay my SARS debt and by when will SARS expect me to pay? Can and will SARS attach my assets both business and private? Who then can I trust to sort out this debt and tax mess for me?

I can’t keep ignoring SARS sms and emails I need to act now but what do I do? Who do I trust? How am I going to get tax clearance to continue to trade? Who can I contact who will definitely understand all my concerns and all the SARS issues?

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