Welcome to Kolomela Small Business Development Centre, Postmasburg, NC

Business Training & Mentorship

Entrepreneurs, wouldn’t it be nice to maintain the independence you crave while still receiving trustworthy, reliable advice? That’s why our mentorship is so great: We can provide guidance, wisdom and direction so you don’t become mired in self-doubt.

As mentors we are a business investment. When business owners are mentored, 70 percent of their businesses live past five years -- double the survival rate of non-mentored small businesses. Eighty-eight percent of those in this same survey called the mentoring experience “invaluable” to their business success.

While our mentoring can shower your business with benefits, it’s important to choose the right voices to listen to. As an entrepreneur, you may try to use friends, family members and colleagues as mentors. But that won't work. Those people can’t empathize with many of your struggles -- the way a mentor in your industry can. We are here for you!