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Caring for your employees

To Boost Your Business Treat Employees as Well as Your Customers Well

How well are employees treated in your small business? Are employees treated as well as your customers are treated?

And, are all employees treated well, or are some employees treated better than others?

When employees are consistently treated with trust, dignity, and respect, they respond in kind. They care about their company, their colleagues, and their customers. Employees demonstrate that care by serving customers beautifully, solving problems nimbly, performing effectively, and working cooperatively.

 You can’t expect stellar customer service from employees who feel distrusted and discounted. You can’t expect consistent top performance from employees who aren’t compensated fairly, given deserved responsibility or who see colleagues not carrying their fair share of the workload.

As employees are treated, so will they treat your customers.

Here’s an example. A retail store talked about how their employees were the “heart of the business.” The retail space was light, clean and well-stocked. Aisles were wide and well-marked with bright signage. Public rest rooms were clean and inviting. Even the parking lot sparkled – there was rarely any trash to be found in parking areas. Customers were impressed.