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Category: Accounting & Finance

11 Books Every Entrepreneur Needs to Read in 2017

Invest in yourself. If you’re an entrepreneur, or even have the slightest interest in becoming an entrepreneur, then you have to read. I know some people in the business like to proclaim their negligence toward reading, or claim they can learn the same lessons from videos, podcasts, and even life experience.  

14 Mar

Accounting & Bookkeeping

All Financial Accounting starts with accurate record-keeping. Recording this information in an accounting system is critical for the accuracy of presentation, disclosure and decision-making. Once you find yourself behind in your payments or submissions to SARS it is a frightening reality to deal with for various reasons. One is gripped with a sense of failure […]

14 Mar

VAT in a Nutshell

Should you receive a communication from SARS stating that an audit will be conducted on your VAT affairs please do not panic.  If you follow the pointers below and ensure that your documentation is in order your records should stand-up to any scrutiny from SARS. Tax Invoices (Input VAT) The following information should be reflected […]

14 Mar

Record Keeping

A person must keep records, books of account or documents. The retention of records will assist a person to fulfill the requirements of the Tax Administration Act and to satisfy SARS that the person has complied with the requirements.