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Category: Business Planning

19 Mar


When most people think of starting a business, they think of beginning from scratch–developing your own ideas and building the company from the ground up. But starting from scratch presents some distinct disadvantages, including the difficulty of building a customer base, marketing the new business, hiring employees and establishing cash flow…all without a track record […]

19 Mar

Finding Finance

At one point or another, most business owners have to think about how they will finance their operations. Whether you borrow money, draw from your own savings or choose another option, it’s important to choose the one that makes the most sense for you. But how are other entrepreneurs faring on the various paths to […]

14 Mar

Business Planning

A common type of question we receive is on how to start a business.Company structures and management systems can become quite complicated but its also possible to keep things relatively simple. It is the common and simple setup structures that we will focus on at the moment. The main sections we deal with that should […]