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Category: Operations

22 Mar

Procurement and Inventory

The Procurement Process Business requirement for product or service: Identify Opportunities Opportunities are usually triggered by a business requirement for a product or service.Material requirements might include: Equipment Components Raw materials Completely finished products Service requirements might include: Computer programmers Hazardous waste handlers Transportation carriers Maintenance service providers Users (also called internal customers) identify a […]

22 Mar

Office Equipment & Supplies

Benefits of Leasing Equipment Many companies regularly consider leasing as an option when acquiring new light- and medium-duty vehicles but don’t always think of leasing when they need to acquire new equipment. Equipment leasing offers similar benefits to fleet leasing, but also benefits the typical fleet lessee may not be aware of. Leasing equipment allows […]

22 Mar

Project Management

Project management for the small business If you walk into the offices of many small businesses, you are likely to see notes sticking either on or in close proximity to the desks of the people employed there. Such “reminder notes” are usually serving as prompts and/or notifications for projects or other operational work on which […]