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22 Mar


Managing HIV/Aids in the workplace

Tragically, there is still an inherent stigma attached to HIV and AIDS that often affects individuals’ ability to work in any everyday environment.

With this in mind, we’d like to highlight the importance of maintaining an HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy that can help your company to create a consistent and accessible work environment for those with the disease and their co-workers.

Setting out a clear HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy is an effective tool for clearly stating your company’s position and practices with regards to managing employees who may be living with HIV and AIDS. There are a number of factors that should be addressed by your policy in order to provide clear guidelines that employees can understand and adhere to in their handling of issues pertaining to the topic.

Very simply, an HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy outlines your company’s position on the matter and how the issue is managed in the workplace. In order to adhere to the legal framework set out by the government with regards to this, your policy will need to ensure fairness for all employees and protect the rights of both employer and employee in the context of HIV/AIDS. For example, your policy might indicate that it is not mandatory for employees affected by HIV/AIDS to disclose their status to other employees for privacy purposes. Additionally, the policy should address the standards of behaviour expected from the employer and employees and outline how any contraventions of policy will be handled.

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