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Importing and Exporting

22 Mar

Importing and Exporting

2-Step Process to Marketing Your Import/Export Business

Find out how you can convince prospective clients that they have a product worth importing or exporting and that your company can be the one to help.

A surprisingly small percentage of domestic producers export their wares. Your marketing goal is to convince the huge remainder that they can increase profits by exporting — with your guidance — to specific target countries. You can accomplish this with emails to their websites, making connections through networking and via social media and by making follow-up phone calls to anyone who responds.

If you’re starting with imports, don’t ignore the following information; you’ll work in basically the same manner.

Your first step, before you initiate contact with any manufacturer, is to do some basic market research:

  • What products are hot sellers in the domestic marketplace? Focus your atten­tion on products that you know well or are bestsellers in their market niches.
  • Are these products hot sellers in your target countries?
  • If not, are there situations or markets that would put these products in great demand if the products were available?
  • Who manufactures these products?
  • What’s the selling price of each product, and of competing products or brands, domestically and in your target countries?

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