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Marketing Strategies

19 Mar

Marketing Strategies

It’s time to get your plans together for how you will generate even more revenue. Whether your business counts on holiday shopping to boost revenues, or it’s a ghost town in your office after Turkey Day. Regardless, it’s time re-boot your small business marketing efforts. You want to look at your revenues for the year, who were you top customers or product sales, and you’ll want to evaluate your close ratios to see what closed and and how long it took. Here are some ideas for updating your marketing plan.

Fine-Tune Your Marketing Plan

A strong marketing strategy is key to ensuring your product or service is seen by your potential customers. A good starting point for doing this is reassessing your market by answering some fundamental questions:

  • Are the trends changing in your market?
  • How often do people buy the types of services or products you sell?
  • Are there any new market opportunities?

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