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Occupational Health & Safety

22 Mar

Occupational Health & Safety

Investing in a Culture of Safety. There are several ways to invest in safety. Ensuring safe facilities is one key measure. Creating systems to track and prevent safety concerns is another. These systems can be technological, such as an incident management system. They also can be infrastructural, such as simple mechanisms for employees to voice safety concerns and suggestions. Regardless of what form they take, these systems must engage employees in the safety of their environments and offer them ways to proactively be a part of improving it.

Making Training a Priority. One of the most important ways to invest in employees is by offering thorough and ongoing training opportunities. A learning-centered approach transforms knowledge from training into action that drives bottom-line safety results, including risk reduction and injury/illness/loss prevention. From an employer’s perspective, training can be viewed as necessary, but costly. However, data shows that it is, indeed, better to be safe than sorry.

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