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Occupational Health & Safety

22 Mar

Occupational Health & Safety

Companies need to also consider how they will fill the position of the deceased employee, which includes covering for them in the interim. Experts say the move needs to be done sensitively, leaving time for staff to adjust.

employers should not rush to post the job or interview candidates. Attend to staff needs and that will tell you what timing is right for moving on.

Many companies don’t have a formal policy governing how to respond to the death of a colleague, but react as they would to any crisis.

It’s so important for managers and leaders of any organization to take the time, recognize that support is very important, and show some compassion.”


If the death happens at the workplace, report the death to human resources and notify the next of kin.

Designate one person to act as the company contact for the family.

Provide employees access to grief counsellors.

If the family agrees, notify staff of funeral and memorial arrangements.

Allow staff paid time off to attend services.

Show sensitivity when making arrangements to hire a replacement for the deceased.

Talk to the family about the best way and time to return the employee’s belongings.

When the death is the result of a workplace injury, the family may be angry with the employer. Speak to the family’s chosen representative first.

Pay a visit to the family of the deceased to offer condolences.

Allow employees time to grieve.

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