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Project Management

22 Mar

Project Management

  1. Project management will be an expense that reduces the cash capital that I need to start or grow my business. A common misconception is that it takes a huge investment of cash capital to implement project management process. In response to this argument, we contend that a plethora of free or low-cost advice, techniques, templates and project management services are readily available and accessible through the Internet (including some low cost tools). If done correctly, the small business can implement project management processes, techniques and tools with very little cash capital, and may already be using software that can be used for project management. For example, certain email software, spreadsheet, and other common software applications offer good templates for project management, especially if used in collaboration with the free to low cost project management services on the Internet.
  1. I need to move now, and can’t wait. Project management will slow me down. This is the root of the poor planning example cited previously. Project management can enable you to move quickly or, equally important, provide you with techniques to analyze whether some planned initiatives will in fact, upon scrutiny, not yield satisfactory results. Rushing into situations without thoroughly understanding your environment is dangerous and could result in negative outcomes.
  1. Project management requires specialized skills that I don’t have and cannot afford to hire. Project management is as much of an art as it is a science. While it does take specialised skills and experience to be a seasoned project management practitioner, they are skills that can be learned over time. To “speed things up” it is possible to take a “crash course” in project management in as little as four or five days. Many entrepreneurs who start small businesses tend to possess the knowledge needed for project management, and “crash courses” build on these skills while introducing the specific theories, tools, and processes essential for project management. While attendees will not emerge from such courses as project experts, they can learn valuable skills to apply to their small business.

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