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Project Management

22 Mar

Project Management

  1. It will require added time to follow project management practices. Having a process to follow may add time to the duration of an activity. However, to draw an analogy (that in itself requires project management to produce) – if you add an extension to your house, would you rather have a quality end result, or would you prefer to have it done quickly but with lots of problems (leaks, bad workmanship, et cetera)? Surely you would prefer the former. Given that small business projects can be deal-breakers if they go badly, doing it well is essential, and project management processes can help ensure you do things well.

While some of the above examples are not limited to the small business, they are common reasons we hear for their failure to adopt formal project management.

Project management offers value for any size business, and does not require a large investment of cash capital to establish. In order to minimize risk and set a small business up for success, we contend that such businesses can benefit from some form of formal project management.

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